Dehydrated Goat Bone Broth for Dogs

Goat broth refill pouch 120g
Goat broth for dogs 120g
Goat broth for dogs 35g
Goat broth sample (10g)
At Boil and Broth, we have full range of dehydrated bone broths that are great for dogs, and also cats. Our goat bone broth is made using grass fed, antibiotic and hormone goat bones sourced locally here in Dorset.

Goat bone broth is a great digestive support and is high in natural collagen. The goat broth has high collagen Type I & III, and when you make up the dehydrated goat broth, you can pop in to the fridge overnight to see the collagen magic work.

Check out our three different sizes for our dehydrated goat bone broth.

We offer refill pouches for both our 120g and our 35g pots. Our 120g refill pouch is biodegradable meaning you can remove the label, cut off the zip and put the pouch into the food waste bin or compost.

You can also subscribe and save up to 15% every month when you join the program for 120g refill pouches.

Our 35g refill pouches are custom made and are recyclable at all major supermarket stores.

Why not try broth before you buy with our sample that gives your small dog or cat up to 6 servings.

At Boil and Broth, we’re passionate about pet health and also the environment. This is why we stopped our liquid broth and switched to dried broth only. By taking this simple action we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint by over 30%.