Join the Broth Revolution

Bone broth for dogs is a super food supplement that should be added to every dog’s diet every single day. Bone broth for dogs is backed by vets all over the world and is now becoming the leading dog supplement. For thousands of years our ancestors have been boiling up bones and water, enjoying broths as warm drinks or adding to food. We also know that our ancestors have used dogs for working and companions for thousands of years, so it’s likely dogs have been enjoying broth for thousands of years too.

What is bone broth for dogs?

  • Bones slow boiled or pressure-cooked with water and apple cider vinegar
  • Nutrients extracted from bones and transferred into broth
  • After cooling broth forms a jelly

Bone broth is simply animal bones added to water with a little apple cider vinegar and boiled for a long time, usually between 12-24 hours.

During the process of boiling, vital nutrients are extracted from the bones and transferred into the liquid.

Once the boiling has completed, the broth is then cooled. On top a fat layer is formed, this is removed and then underneath there should be a thick collagen jelly. The more jelly there is the more collagen present.