100% natural ingredients

All products are locally sourced Dorset grass fed animals.

High in Protein

Protein-rich bone broth powder for pets that helps support joints, aids digestion, promotes healthy liver and more!

High in Collagen

All human grade and there is no change in the cooking process, great for your dogs health!

No vegetables, seasoning or artificial ingredients

This means all our broth is higher in protein, because we use more bones.

Great gut health for all the family

From the greenlands of Dorset on the south coast of England, we produce the UK’s best bone broth and probiotic drinks from our North Dorset factory. You can buy bone broth online and have deliveries to your door. Or you can visit one of the many pet shops around the UK that are stocking our products.

At Boil and Broth, we make bone broth specifically as a food supplement for people to enjoy in their everyday lives. Our broth is unique in that we don’t add any vegetables. This is because we know people, and dogs are often intolerant to certain foods, so we make our broth by adding more bones for more protein.

Our bone broth is the best on the market because we produce broth for everyone in the family to use. We make broth for human and pet consumption; the recipe is exactly the same and so are the ingredients. Because of our unique cooking processes and advanced technology, we are able to produce a broth that our customers say has positive healing results.

At Boil and Broth, we are on a mission to get our bone broth out to as many families as possible. We know the amazing benefits broth can have on health for every member of the family. From grandparents to babies, even our dogs and cats. Everyone in the family should be including our broth in their diets!

Taking care of your pets needs too

Your pet’s health is just as vital as your own. If you take care of your pet’s nutrition and gut health, then it’s inevitable that the vet bills will reduce. Including bone broth and kefir water in your dog, and cat’s diet daily will help to reduce inflammation of the gut, improve digestion, give your dog, and cat a healthy coat, as well as maintain joint and ligament function. There are so many benefits to including bone broth in your pet’s diet.

Our kefir water is a natural probiotic drink and can help to replenish depleted bacteria in the gut. Having kefir water daily can improve the immune system and improve digestive function, helping to be part of ensuring your dog, and cat, live a long and healthy life.

Our bone broth is becoming widely accepted to be the best bone broth to give your dog or cat regularly. We have even created bone broths in novelty flavours to help support dogs and cats that have allergies to beef and chicken. And our bone broth has got even easier to use with our new dehydrated bone broth range.

Our dehydrated bone broth is a powder. It has a long shelf life of over 2 years and once opened you have over 2 years to use it too. Our bone broth powder is simple to make up, all you do is add hot water. And, if you want to see our bone broth magic, then make up your broth and let it set in the fridge for 24-hours. Then you’ll see our broth powders wobble* showing you the quality of our broth and the collagen present.

*Will not work with chicken

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