All our broths are suitable for cats, even kittens, and elderly cats.

It’s important that you chat with your vet before introducing any new food to your cat, or kitten’s diet.

Cats love our broth and the nutrition is really good for their digestive system, and their joints and ligaments too. Cats often don’t drink enough, so giving them some broth daily can help with hydration and also giving them the extra health boost.

Choose from any of our flavours and be sure to follow the feeding guidelines according to your cats weight.

We always recommend giving a small amount of broth to your cat before giving a full serving. Simply make up 1g of bone broth powder to 10ml of boiling hot water and then allow to cool before serving.

Once your cat has tried the broth and you are happy with their progress, then we recommend you give 1/3 scoop with 30ml of boiling hot water.
All our bone broths are made using only three ingredients - bones, water and apple cider vinegar. We then gently dehydrate our broths to retain the nutritonal quality during preservation. We do not add any other ingredients to our broths; no salts or seasoning, or herbs, or anything else such as bulkers and fillers.