Rehydrate Back To a Collagen Jelly

A unique feature of our broths, and a testament to their quality, is that you can rehydrate our broths back to a collagen jelly.

A good quality bone broth should wobble. When your bone broth wobbles you know it has plenty of collagen in it.

We don’t alter or add any other ingredients to our broths once they are made, so when you rehydrate them back, you can cool the broth down and watch it wobble.

Having broth jelly is a great way to add broth to your dog’s daily meal or even allow them to enjoy the broth jelly on it’s own.

Rehydrating back to a collagen jelly is easy.

Simply follow the steps below

1: Add one scoop (5g) of bone broth powder to a jug and pour in 70ml of of boiling hot water. The golden rule is less water. The nutrition is in the powder, not the water.

2. Stir well. Stirring helps to breakdown the collagen. Be patient, remember it’s a natural product. If broth gets stuck to your spoon, use another spoon to scrape off.

3. Place the jug into your fridge. We recommend putting the broth at the back of the fridge. This is your fridge’s coolest place. Make sure your fridge has been turned down to 3-4 degrees. This is very important.

4. After 24 hours, check your broth and it will be a jelly.


My bone broth isn’t a jelly, what’s happened?

It is vital that you turn your fridge down to 3-4 degrees. If your fridge temperature is higher than this, then your collagen will not set into a jelly. Natural collagen is temperature dependent and will not gel at temperatures above 4 degrees.

You also must use less water, if there is too much water then the broth will remain liquid.

Please note. Chicken will not always turn back to jelly, because of low collagen but higher in other proteins.