Our Story

It is our mission to deliver broth to over 1 million homes around the world by the end of 2025. We believe that all dog’s should benefit from a high quality, 100% natural bone broth in their diets regularly. Broth is simply amazing and transforms lives.

Boil and Broth was originally founded by Rachel Down back in 2018. Rachel discovered that drinking broth and kefir water daily helped to reverse Candida overgrowth and leaky gut, assisting her to lose 6 stone over two years. After her amazing transformation, Rachel naturally went into business.

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Starting in her home kitchen with one slow cooker, Rachel organically grew the business whilst looking after her young children and studying a health science degree. It was not long before Rachel and her family had to move to a bigger house to cope with orders and interest in the business.

Back in 2019, Rachel received many enquiries about whether her broth was safe for dogs. Made using 100% natural local ingredients, Rachel saw an opportunity in the market to expand into the pet food industry to support the dogs who much needed broth in their diet too. She applied for a DEFRA license and after 9 months Boil and Broth became the first broth manufacturer in the UK to hold a dual Food Standards Agency license to produce broth for humans and for dogs.

With ongoing demand for her products, after three years of moving multiple times and running the business from home, Rachel moved the business into a small factory in North Dorset and recruited her husband to work alongside her to grow the business.

With a small team, Boil and Broth now bubble up the finest bone broth for dogs in the UK shipping their dehydrated broths to 13 countries around the world.

“We believe in creating 100% natural products that support the digestive system. All our broths for dogs are the same as what we sell for humans. We will never make a product that we would not eat ourselves. As a UK broth manufacturer, we stand by British Farming and will only source ingredients from the UK, as local as we can. All our bones are human grade and come from highly respected farmers.

We only add three ingredients to our broths, and it’s the same for the kefir water too. We also only use 100% natural ingredients. Never will we add any ingredients that are not natural, or have been genetically modified. All our broths are backed by vets around the world and have also been developed using science research.” Rachel Down, Managing Director Founder.

Boil and Broth started a transition away from frozen broths in 2021. Rachel wanted to develop a non-perishable bone broth that was easy for customers to use, better to ship and to store. It was vital during the innovation phase that the preservation of broths was kept as natural as possible so not to alter the nutritional benefit of bone broth.

Dehydration was discovered to be a gentle process of drying the broths removing 96% water and leaving only 4% pure broth protein left. Click here to learn more about our dehydrated broths.

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