Five major benefits of bone broth for dogs

Humans have enjoyed the comforting goodness of bone broth for millennia. Renowned for its rich, meaty flavour and the many health benefits it brings, it continues to be found everywhere from traditional Chinese medicine to the menus of luxury five-star restaurants.

In more recent times, bone broth has become a popular dietary addition for our furry friends. Not only does its delicious taste entice dogs and cats to lap it up, but it also offers them a wholesome medley of nutrients, keeping them feeling their best throughout the whole day.

While most people are familiar with the term “bone broth,” the actual recipe might still be a bit unfamiliar. It’s easy to mix up bone broth with soup, but they’re not quite the same thing.

Just like the name suggests, making bone broth involves gently simmering animal bones – like chickencow, or lamb – in water for a good amount of time. This process draws out various minerals, collagen, gelatin, and other compounds from the bones and tissues, giving bone broth its amazing health-boosting properties.

A lot of these important vitamins aren’t actually found in regular pet food or home-cooked meals, which is why bone broth is a fantastic way to introduce these nutrients into your pet’s diet.

Keep in mind that what’s good for humans might not be safe for our furry friends. Traditional bone broth for humans usually has a lot of sodium, which can be risky for animals. That’s why it’s important to choose high-quality bone broth specifically made for pets from trusted UK brands like Boil & Broth.