What our customers say about our products and service

Hello, I started drinking the broth and using it in soups and stews, I suffer from an auto immune problem and I can honestly say, since having the broth my symptons have dramatically improved… I can only think it’s the protein and collagen which has been the healing factor. I drink it with seasalt, black pepper and freshly chopped herbs it’s delicious. Janice, Taunton

The mixed broths are a constant in my daily diet, promotes better gut and digestive health, joint mobility, skin, hair and nails also aids with better sleep, the broths are very easy to drink, I recommend 30 sec in the microwave, delicious, a great local product, and even better customer service, thank u to all. Kathy, Weymouth.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my bone broth products. They are so easy to use either by themselves to drink or to add to nourishing broths and stews, especially during the lockdown. My gut problems are easing as each week goes by and my appetite is improving. The sachets take all the tedium out of preparing and cooking bones for upto 24 hrs. Wendy, Newcastle upon Tyne

During the past 12 months we have received big health diagnosis, impacting long term health for our children. We looked to make changes to diet and improve overall gut health. We have added bone broth to our diets, with a view to improving our overall gut health and the long term impacts. After online searching, your product was what we were looking for and the ease of order and despatch is really straightforward, along with a great quality product. Julie, Cheshire.

I discovered boil and broth whilst following a Ketogenic diet. It’s fantastic flavoured broth makes the perfect base for meals requiring sauces, soups and the broth on its own is a delicious warming drink! The support from Rachel is fantastic, she’s on hand with any questions and always gives informative responses. I always recommend Boil and Broth to friends and family – it’s eased my digestive issues and reduced bloating, there are great flavours and comes in easy to store pouches! Emma, Lancaster

My absolute favourite broth available – first class ingredients, great taste – perfect by itself or added to soups or stews. Advised by my nutritionist to take up regular broth as part of post-surgery recovery and helping by gut health – and B&B works for me. Great fast service and delivery, even at busy times. Thank you! Alex, London

I found boil and broth by chance on the internet looking for a gut health product that was organically made in the uk and not laced with sugar as so many of the supermarket products are. I have been taking Kefir juice for about a year now and feel great. My overall health has improved and I have been combing kefir with an intermittent fasting lifestyle and have managed to loose 21 lbs to date! I have also recently bought their rose hip oil for my skin feels great. It’s wonderful and my skin feel so soft. Keep producing you’re wonderful products. Jane, Leeds.

I ordered bone broth for my dog who’s been poorly. She and my other dogs absolutely love it, I put it with their main food, I also received the kefir water for dogs, it’s been amazing. The delivery was fast and service fantastic. Katy, Basingstoke

I never usually write product reviews and the only reason why I am doing so on this occasion is because I am just so impressed with the BOIL AND BROTH bone broths and so relieved to have finally found a bone broth that meets all my requirements. I have tried pretty well all the major suppliers of bone broth, but up until now there have always been problems with them, the main two problems having been firstly that the bones used for the making of the bone broth were not from 100% grass-fed animals and secondly all the things that were added to them: salt (with some brands adding really far too much), other seasonings, onions, celery, carrots etc. While these added ingredients do give the bone broth a nice flavour, I don’t want them included both for health reasons (food intolerances etc.) and because they can make the bone broth “addictive” in an unhealthy way. Other problems have been the broth not having much of a jelly-type consistency even when chilled (indicating poor collagen content) and a very small quantity for a high price etc. Then by chance I discovered BOIL AND BROTH bone broths and everything changed because literally “ticks all the boxes”, as follows:

The bones used are from 100% grass-fed animals

– The broths contain NO additional ingredients other than the home-made apple cider vinegar which is used for mineral extraction purposes. This does mean that the broth is very bland but it’s easy to give it flavour by adding a little lemon juice and/or organic herbs.

– When chilled the broths have a really thick jelly-like consistency, which of course means that they contain a lot of collagen.

RACHEL DOWN, the founder of Boil and Broth, is impressively knowledgeable about bone broth in general and about her company’s bone broth in particular. And what is truly rare in this day and age is how generous Rachel Down is with her time: she responds to all emails really fast and she explains the complex “technicalities” relating to the bone broth in an in-depth yet totally understandable way. Lesley, London.

This is my first time of using Boil and Broth. I’ve tried a few other brands but this is the one that I plan to stick with. The broth is of good quality, has a subtle taste and the beef broth has a real gel to it that shows it’s got a good amount of collagen. The chicken one tastes good but as you can see from the nutritional guidance has a lower collagen count and that’s the bit I’m looking for. It makes an excellent base for soup or risotto though, giving them a greater depth of flavour. It was lovely to see wool being used for packaging and a system in place for recycling. All in all an excellent experience. Sophie, Oxford.

My Mum has been drinking chicken bone broth now for month’s & absolutely loves it! Since September 2019 she’s had a gastric complaint, your chicken bone broth has given her the nourishment she needed. Even when Mum had bad days & was sick, the broth stayed down & gave her strength. I am so thankful I found you. Philippa, Staffordshire.

My first purchase with Boil and broth was bone broth for my dog who had stopped eating, was barely drinking and couldn’t keep anything down. I had tried various vet prescriptions etc none of which were working and came across an article on the benefits of bone broth. I was very pleased with the fast delivery time as my dog was getting weaker by the day so next day delivery was perfect. I can’t describe the feeling of joy and relief when it arrived and my dog started lapping it up. I added it to her bland prescription food which I was struggling to tempt her with and mixed with the bone broth she started to eat again. I gave her bone broth everyday and in a couple of weeks i noticed a massive improvement in her stomach issues and was starting to eat properly again. After seeing such positive results myself and partner decided to try it. My partner has suffered with ibs to the point she developed a fear of leaving the house. I was keen to try it for the joint and recovery aid from sports as i regularly do combat sports and have felt more strain on my joints and longer recovery times the older im getting. We then decided to try the Kefir drinks and were surprised how delicious they were (favourites are orange and mango flavours) … they taste so fruity and the injection of bubbles makes a perfect drink and to make things even better its really good for you. I have to say they didnt disappoint, my partner noticed a massive improvement and is now much more comfortable leaving the house. My exercise recovery times seem to be getting shorter and I have noticed a definite improvement in my immune system as I have always been susceptible to colds/virus. We have started to use the tallow soap and my skin feels a lot more balanced and moisturised and my partner finds it is improving the dry skin on her hands she has struggled to keep moisturised for years. All I can say is im so glad i came across your website, keep up the excellent work and thanks for supplying us with these fabulous products….cant wait to try out the next new product 🙂 Samantha, Stockton-on-Tees

Having suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) for almost 20 years with periods of remission where you re-gain your life for varying periods of time and when I mean periods of time, the parameters are incredibly extreme!! It could be that you feel almost completely normal and clear of the disease for a period of time that can last for literally seconds to years! Inflammatory bowel disease is so inconsistent even to the point you think you feel well enough to eat out at the local restaurant, then on the way the condition returns with no notice!

There are of course ways you can help the condition with topical medicines through to more powerful procedures to relieve and sometimes force the condition into remission, although with a wide range of side effects relating to each of the options. I personally have tried a broad range of tablets, foam enemas, suppositories and steroids. Although they have all helped in some way to relieve the symptoms, it is generally for short periods of time. UC is a complete and complicated life changer which not only affects the sufferer but can also affect loved ones. Periods of mood swings and day to day inconsistencies leave family members not knowing how you are feeling from one minute to the next, which sadly can place huge levels of stress on your family. In recent months I have been researching alternative options which having spent 24 years in the armed services feels slightly uncomfortable going ‘off Piste’ when it comes to compliance with processes and procedures, and reliance on our wonderful NHS!

Following years of suffering, I felt it was time to research alternative options. I made contact with Rachel Down from ‘Boil & Broth’ who became interested in my situation and spent considerable time understanding how I manage my diet, medication and lifestyle choices. Rachel was extremely helpful and clearly very knowledgeable and provided extensive and detailed advice having studied my daily and weekly intake of food coupled with my general lifestyle structure. Without doubt, I have noticed some positive changes to my digestive system implementing a new dietary routine using the ‘Boil & Broth products’ and managing my day to day intake differently. My condition remains active, however, my general wellbeing has definitely improved all accredited to the advice , guidance and extremely caring support Rachel provided.

‘If you do suffer from any digestive or bowel issues I would strongly recommend having an informal chat with Rachel”. Paul, Dorset

Having had ‘gut’ issues for many years which was always dismissed as IBS plus frequent urinary infections meaning courses of antibiotics but not actually finding the route cause for this, I eventually stumbled across a functional medicine practitioner who ran some tests and noted that I had high levels of Candida. It seemed likely that this was the cause of all my troublesome symptoms which to be honest, made me feel rubbish for a lot of the time. However, the suggested treatment, dietary restrictions and costs were prohibitively expensive plus I actually felt worse with bad skin, no energy and low mood as well. I therefore gave up at that time.

Roll on a couple of years and I started to look for treatment again and hey presto I came across Rachel’s Boil & Broth. What a treat ! ………… easy to follow dietary plan/ideas, ability to purchase all you need for month one / month two etc and all at a reasonable cost. The products are great, I particularly love the Water Kefir and the Bone Broth. I make a pot of soup with the bone broth every 3 or 4 days so that’s lunch sorted, and I can honestly say I have never felt better ! What is also great is that Rachel has been on this journey herself, so she does know exactly what it’s like. I gather Boil & Broth is a fairly new venture for Rachel and her team and I can only say they are doing a fantastic job and it’s a big thank you from me! Mary, Bournemouth

Review for the Soap

Face, no more dry skin on forehead or eyebrows. Torso, all dry skin has gone.
Legs, almost all dry skin gone. Feet, both big toe nails are looking better and no dry skin. Skin is softer and no more tightness of the skin. Lathers easily, no mess and only using a small amount of moisturiser now instead of loads. Husband has/had red blotches on his back (typical man wont go and find out the cause )but the soap has certainly helped clear up some of it. It’s so good I have ordered 3 more bars
Definitely value for money and it definitely works. Thank you so much. Lorna, Dumbarton

With just a few weeks of drinking the broth (which I make up in a soup formula with lots of healthy vegetables) I am happy to report that my gut has felt healthy and I have not had an IBS in two weeks! That is a miracle for me, so I am really happy, thank you. Tracey, Bournemouth