Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Are you suffering from SAD syndrome?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is very common during Autumn and Winter. According to BUPA data, it affects around 3 in 100 people annually. Although, I believe the figures are much higher than that.
SAD syndrome is a form of depression. It is typically linked to a lack of sunlight and much lower levels of Vitamin D particularly when living in the Northern Hemisphere. Vitamin D is very important for your immune system, which is why it’s important to eat Vitamin D rich foods and take a supplement during the winter months.

There are some other natural ways to help you manage SAD syndrome.
1. Boost your dopamine levels naturally by choosing rich natural foods abundant in Vitamin D, such as egg yolks, oily fish, red meat and fruits grown locally.
2. Take a high strength Vitamin D tablet. The NHS recommends adults to have approx 1000IU per tablet, but most people have much lower than recommended Vitamin D levels, so it’s a good idea to take a much higher strength Vitamin D tablet like 5000IU. These are the ones I recommend – Vitamin D.
3. Exercise more, outside preferably. It’s so important to get plenty of fresh air in the Winter. Even if it’s cold, 30 minutes walk can raise your dopamine levels and also help keep you fit too.
4. Meditation is a great way to calm your nerves and control your stress levels. When you meditate, you connect with our life force that exists, an energy that can help to raise your energy frequency. Raising your energy frequency helps you to connect with positive emotions. The more you meditate the less likely you are to experience lower emotions. Regular meditation can literally change your life.
5. Give your gut health a boost by including bone broth and fermented drinks in your diet. When your gut is happy, so is your mind and this is thanks to the gut-brain connection.