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Poochie Park are our new distributor for all our pet products in North East.

Contact Poochie Park if you are in the North East and interested in stocking our pet range

Where to buy bone broth for pets?

Are you looking for where to buy bone broth for pets? We are now stocking our bone broth for pets at various stores around the UK. Check them out below.

Bone broth is a great food supplement for pets. It can be added to your pet’s meal or on its own. The nourishing qualities of bone broth are proving to be a hit amongst our customers. Check out their reviews here.

At Boil and Broth, we are the only broth manufacturer in the UK to hold a dual license to produce bone broth for human and pet consumption. Our bone broth is made using antibiotic and hormone-free bones, sourced locally here in Dorset from grass-fed animals. Our bone broth for pets is human grade and of premium quality. We add no vegetables or seasoning to our bone broth.

We are currently looking for distributors. Please contact us if you are interested.

If you are a pet shop and interested in stocking our products, please get in contact with us