Type 2 Diabetes

How to reverse type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common conditions in the UK. In fact, our NHS spend £25,000 per minute on treatment for the disease with a whopping £1.2million every hour. The numbers are eye-watering seeing as this is a condition that most people can reverse.

I am often told by people that their diabetes has been triggered by something else in their body. This is usually the case, but I truly believe that these conditions are caused by an unhealthy gut.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a condition when the body becomes resistant to insulin or can’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is an important hormone that works by moving glucose from your blood to your cells. Your cells then covert glucose to energy <1>.

It has been argued for some time that Type 2 diabetes should be considered an autoimmune disease, but to date, there is not enough information to support this.

I believe that Type 2 diabetes develops because people eat too much sugar in their diet. When this happens over many years, the body has to find a way to cope, so it starts to attack itself in defense, letting you know that there is a problem in your body.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes <2>

Symptoms can come on slowly. They may include:

  • More thirst. When sugar builds up in your blood, your kidneys work overtime to get rid of it. This pulls fluids from your tissues and makes you dehydrated, so you feel thirsty.
  • More hunger. Because diabetes can stop glucose from getting to your cells, you feel hungry, even after you’ve eaten.
  • Peeing often. You’ll pee more because your kidneys are working to get rid of extra sugar in your system.
  • Dry mouth. Dehydration and peeing a lot can drain moisture from your mouth as well.
  • Weight loss without trying. When you lose sugar from peeing a lot, you lose calories, too. You might lose weight even though you’re eating as usual.
  • When your body can’t use energy from food, you could feel weak and tired. Dehydration can make you feel this way, too.
  • Blurry vision. High blood sugar can make you have trouble focusing.
  • High blood sugar levels can cause your head to hurt.
  • Loss of consciousness. After you exercise, skip a meal, or take too much medication, your blood sugar could go too low, and you could pass out.
  • Infections or sores that don’t heal. High blood sugar can slow blood flow and make it harder for your body to heal.
  • Tingling hands and feet. Type 2 diabetes can affect nerves in your hands and feet.
  • Red, swollen, tender gums. You might be more likely to get infections in your gums and the bones that hold your teeth in place. Your gums may get infected or pull away from your teeth. Your teeth might become loose.

Natural treatment

The most important treatment for Type 2 diabetes is DIET! You cannot cure your diabetes with drugs. Yes, you can manage the symptoms for a while using drugs, but this is not a long-term solution.

The first and foremost is to remove all sugar from your diet. This can be tough, as many people have an addiction to sugar. Following the Be Candida Free diet would be advantageous because candida overgrowth could also be an underlying problem. Also, the Be Candida Free diet is all about removing sugar. However, the program is restrictive of foods and can be tough to follow, so you may find going keto for a while will also help.

There are some foods that you should definitely include in your new diet. Here is a list:

  • Boil and Broth bone broth. We make our broth using bones and no vegetables. This is because we believe the healing proteins are within the bones, so more of these and the more protein you get, therefore having a better outcome. Inflammation of the gut is a major problem for digestion, and in natural medicine, broth is believed to be a healer for gut inflammation.
  • Eat more vegetables. Getting a range of vegetables in your diet is really important. You should be aiming to eat between 7 – 10 vegetables every day. Try sourcing your vegetables locally and organically.
  • Drink Boil and Broth probiotic drinks. We naturally create our probiotic drinks by using food science to create friendly bacteria naturally. We also send our drinks off to the lab to have them tested for their bacteria count. Beneficial bacteria are really good for the gut. Head to our website to learn more.
  • Take a digestive enzyme supplement and start taking milk thistle also. I highly recommend these for helping to aid digestion and also for liver support.

It’s very important with diet to find what works for you, but we are all different and it may take time. Stay focused and prepare your meals in advance, including snacks. This will help to reduce reaching for the wrong foods.