How to return your packaging

How to return your packaging

We hope that you will consider saving and returning our Woolcool liners. We try to be as sustainable as possible and we have made it easy for you to help us with that too.

Step One

Save 8 Woolcool liners – depending on the size of your order you will get at least two per box.

Step Two

Save a box from your last order, pack the liners in and seal with tape.

Step Three

When you are ready to make your next order – let us know that you have a box to return.

Step Four

When you next order arrives your driver will know that he has a collection from you and will print out a label for the box. Don’t worry if you are out – leave the box in the same place that you are expecting your delivery.

Thank you for helping us to be more sustainable.

To watch Rachel talk about sending back your box of liners click on the video above.