Food diary for gut health

The Boil and Broth food diary is a great way to monitor your food intolerances. You do not need to pay out hundreds of pounds to have a food intolerance test. Most of tests do not give accurate answers and will lead people to restricting foods unnecessarily.

What are food intolerances?

Food intolerances are different from food allergies. Allergies are severe reactions to food which can cause anaphylactic shock or severe vomiting for long-periods of time. If you have a food allergy, then you will most likely have an epi pen. Food intolerances are very different. The symptoms of an intolerance will usually be digestive discomfort (pain) and/or loose stools. People generally feel unwell with food intolerances, so it’s important to discover which foods are causing you the problems.

Diagnosing your own food intolerances

You can diagnose your own food intolerances by keeping a diary of your food and mood daily. By writing down what you eat in a day, you can make adjustments easier to your diet if it’s there in black and white. We have a food diary that you can use and download at the bottom of this article.

How to use a food diary

Print out the Boil and Broth food diary and make sure you complete it after every meal. If you notice that your digestive system doesn’t feel settled, then make sure you write down your digestive mood in the appropriate column. Review daily and be sure to remove the foods you think are causing discomfort. This is not a long-term solution, but more a solution for removing your trigger foods to help you restore balance in your digestive system.