Dehydrated Bone Broth for Dogs


Six different flavours

Boil and Broth bone broth for dogs is available in six different flavours and two different sizes, including handy to use and more affordable refill pouches. Our six different flavours means that you can make informed choices when it comes to your pets dietary requirements. We know that not all dogs, and cats, can tolerate certain proteins, so our range of proteins give you the option to choose the right flavour for your dogs need.

Bone broth for dogs is an important food addition to your dogs diet. Dogs enjoy broth and it is a super supplement for them, packed full of collagen and other important proteins that can help reduce inflammation and repair damaged cells, particularly in the gut. Bone broth also contains natural forms of choindrotin and glucosamine. These two amino sugars can be found in supplements, but they naturally occur in broth, this means your dogs will also benefit from supported joint and ligament care when you include broth regularly into their diet.

Backed By Vets

Our broth is backed by vets. Our natural formula of making broth using only three ingredients – bones, water and a little apple cider vinegar for mineral extraction, means that our broth is super natural and vets are recommending our broth to their customers all over the world.

We are the UK’s number 1 broth manufacturer innovating our products from frozen to dried to make them easier to use and to ship.

Check out our full bone broth range below.