Boil and Broth Kefir Water for Dogs 4 x 330ml can


Our water kefir juice is a fantastic naturally fermented drink made with water kefir grains. We combine these kefir grains with organic demerara sugar and water, allowing the friendly bacteria in the kefir grains to ferment the sugar and produce CO2. The sugar acts as a food source for the bacteria, promoting their growth and multiplication. After fermentation, we package the drink in cans for your convenience. Each serving of water kefir juice provides your dog with nearly 5 billion CFU (colony-forming units) of friendly bacteria, which significantly contributes to their gut health. We recommend incorporating kefir water into your dog’s diet as frequently as possible to support their immune system and maintain a diverse gut bacterium.


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Benefits of kefir water for dogs

The health benefits of our kefir water for dogs are remarkable. It contains 98 billion lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium per 1ml of the drink. This means that in a 50ml serving, your dog will receive nearly 5 billion beneficial bacteria, which will populate their digestive system and promote a healthy gut. The kefir water juice can help boost the immune system, ensuring that your dog stays healthy. We encourage you to check out our Trust Pilot and Google reviews to see the positive experiences and healing results our customers have reported.

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How to use kefir water for dogs

Using our water kefir juice is easy. Simply measure out 50ml of the kefir juice and give it to your dog as a drink or add it to their meals. You can also freeze the kefir water into molds for a refreshing treat.


How to store

To store any remaining kefir water, you can close the can with a lid or transfer it to a container. Keep the unopened bottles in a cool, dry place, or store them in the fridge. Once opened, refrigerate the kefir water and use it within 7 days to maintain its freshness.



The ingredients in our water kefir juice include water, water kefir grains, demerara sugar, and dried fruit.


The analytical constituents per 100ml of the drink are as follows:

Analytical Composition

Calories: 5kcal

Carbohydrates: 1.1g (including 0.5g of sugars)

Fat: <0.5g

Protein: <0.5g

As always, it’s essential to seek advice from your veterinarian before introducing any new supplements or dietary changes to your dog’s or cat’s routine. Your vet can provide guidance specific to your pet’s needs and ensure that the supplements align with their overall health and well-being.

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