Christmas Gift Set



Give your dog the gift of gut health this Christmas.

In this special Christmas Gift Pack you will receive:

1 x 35g pot (choose your flavour and let us know in the notes)

1 x Kefir for pets can 330ml

1 x Neckerchief

1 x Boil and Broth gift tag

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Bone broth for dogs

Give your dog the greatest gift they can receive, the gift of great gut health. This lovely Christmas gift set for dogs contains one of our 35g bone broth pots that can give a small dog up to 21 servings. Having broth in your cupboard is super handy just in case your dog becomes unsettled with a funny tummy this Christmas. Did you know there is a 75% increase in dog’s visiting the vets over Christmas? And 86% of those visits are related to food poisoning. Leaving rich food around could be too enticing for your dog to avoid, but the ingesting of some human foods, can cause tummy troubles which in some cases for dogs could be fatal. It’s vital to ensure you do not leave leftovers or plates of food around, but just in case you do run in to troubles with food poisoning, then having some bone broth in the cupboard will help to keep your dog hydrated and nourished. Read our blog here about how broth can help if your dog has food poisoning.

Choose from any flavour. All you have to do is let us know in the notes which flavour you would like for your dog.

Kefir in a can 330ml

Why not give your dog a little sparkle this Christmas with our delicious kefir water, that’s amazing for their tummies. It’s an exciting time at Christmas, with all the visitors, presents and food, so your dog may feel overwhelmed, but you can make them feel part of the family by giving them a natural sparkling drink that’s great for their tummies. Our kefir water is a natural probiotic drink, it has a natural fizz and is full of good bacteria. You can add fruit or juice when serving to your dog. Or if you prefer to serve as a treat, then why not freeze kefir in moulds and add to the top of their meals.

Boil and Broth Dog Tags

Yes, we are excited to share with you an exclusive product! We now have our very own dog tags. We would love you to show support for our brand and help get the message out there about our products, and dog tags are a great way to do this! You will be one of the first customers to snap up these awesome tags. It’s a special promo giveaway and only available for special events, and are exclusive to this Gift Set.

Christmas Neckerchief

We want your dog to feel special this Christmas, which is why we are including in our Christmas Gift Set this year a gorgeous Christmas neckerchief to make him stand out in those lovely Christmas photos.


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