Power Salad – Boost your immune system



TIPS: Add anything you like into salads. Be creative as you wish. This power salad are purely suggestions of what you can add to create a delicious, fun and colourful salad.


70g of leafy greens

1/4 cucumber sliced

2 x broccoli stems and heads

2 x spring onions chopped

6 x cherry tomatoes

1/4 sliced green pepper

8 x white grapes

1 tsp almond shavings

1 tsp sunflower seeds

1 tsp pistachio nuts

Garnish with dried garlic and chilli flakes.

In a salad bowl, add leafy greens first. Then build up on top with all your ingredients. Make it as colourful, creative and as fun you can. Don’t forget your garnish.

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