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Bone Broth For Dogs

Keep your dog hydrated this Summer with bone broth. Bone broth is made by boiling bones, water and a little apple cider vinegar. During the boiling process, the vinegar extracts all the amazing nutrients from bones. These nutrients transfer into the hot broth. Once the broth is ready, we then add the liquid broth to dehydrators and remove all the water. When the broth is dried, we grind down the pure bone broth into finer crystals, which are then packaged into resealable, recyclable pouches.

When you buy the bone broth, and are ready to make some up, all you do is add hot water. Check out our beef broth to learn more.

Bone Broth is an amazing natural addition to your dogs diet. It is great for your dog's gut health, joints and more. Bone broth also contains natural electrolytes, so can protect your dog from dehydration.

Join the thousands of dogs now enjoying our bone broth all over the world.

Give our bone broth to your dogs today, and they will thank you for it! So will your bank account, with fewer trips to the vets.

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We have six different proteins that you can try at home with your dog. We recommend you choose a protein that your dog enjoys, do not choose a protein that your dog has allergies to. If you want to learn more, then please click here.

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