How to feed your broth to your pets

It’s important to know how to feed your broth to your pets. Bone broth is a great addition to your pets diet. Not only is bone broth super nutritious it also has amazing health benefits for pets, and even humans.

In natural medicine, bone broth has been prescribed for pets for decades to help heal the workings of the digestive system, promoting muscle growth as well as supporting joints and ligaments. There are lots of reasons why you would want to feed your pet bone broth, but let’s look at how you can ensure that your little pal is getting the nutrition he needs.

As a supplement

Bone broth can be added to your pet’s diet daily by simply buying our bone broth pouches and scooping out the recommended amount, then mixing it with your pet’s meals. We highly recommend raw feeding and keeping your pet’s diet as natural as possible, so our bone broth can simply be mashed into your pet’s food for them to enjoy. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the back of our broth pouches on how to defrost the broth.

As a treat

You can give your pets the frozen broth paws that we sell. They come in small miniature size paws that are perfect as a healthy treat. You can keep them frozen as a cooling treat in the summer, or you may find that your pet would prefer them melted. Please note if you decide to melt the broth paws, then they will become liquid, so ensure they are in a bowl.

You can also give the broth to your pet on its own, some people even like to warm it up for their pet. This is absolutely fine too. Just heat up the broth on the stove on medium heat for 30 seconds and then serve straight away. Do not boil the broth as it will evaporate. If you make a mistake of boiling, then allow the broth to cool before you serve to your pet.

Other suggestions

If you’ve bought a pouch and don’t want to give your pet broth daily, then you can transfer the broth to smaller ice cube trays and refreeze. Please make sure you follow the guidelines on the back of the packet and ensure you don’t leave the broth lying around in the kitchen all day, as this will allow for bacteria to grow and can be harmful to your pet.

Boil and Broth bone broth

We sell bone broth in three different flavours – chicken, lamb and beef. Our beef and lamb are more collagen dense than our chicken. You can tell this by the consistency of the bone broth. When bone broth is a jelly it means there is more collagen. If you buy a bone broth that is thin, light in colour and a liquid, then it usually means the broth has been watered down. A high-quality broth will be thick and jelly like.

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