I experienced Candida overgrowth for more than three years and during that time I went through a whole lot of stress to get to the bottom of what was going on with my health. Having never experienced prolonged infections, I found the whole experience frustrating and traumatising, particularly when I was unable to find help for what was happening to me. I can’t remember the number of times I visited the doctors, but after my second baby was born and I was still suffering from recurrent thrush I lost faith in the health system and decided to research my own health problems to see if I could get find out what was going on. I have to say, there is some pretty wild information out there on the Internet and you definitely need to be careful about what you read, and what you try. I was so desperate to get rid of thrush that I tried everything; changing my diet and cutting out sugar, juicing, vegging and even applying coconut oil and garlic straight on to thrush, but this only made it worse. Eventually, I got the message that the problem was not topical, as the doctors were convinced and I started to look internally thinking about my health as a whole. It dawned on me that I was overweight and that I had digestive problems too, so that’s when I started to research further and discovered Candida overgrowth. The more I learned about it, the more I became convinced that I was suffering from the same problem. I decided to give a few things a try to start off with and that was to start making bone broth.

Bone broth in making

I’d read online that bone broth was helping people’s digestive systems function better. Knowing that mine was not functioning well at all, I thought I would give it a try. I had a look online to buy some, but found that there was only one real supplier in the UK and they were very expensive, so I had a go at making it. My first few attempts were awful and it stunk the entire house out. I remember not realising that you had to remove the fat from the top of the broth, and I drunk the broth with the fat also. It was disgusting, and I actually gave up on making the broth for a while, but eventually, I did some more research and learned about what I was meant to do and gave it another try producing a good broth that I added to a special soup that I started to make for myself. Every day, I ate my broth soup for lunch and within a week I was already starting to notice a change in my digestive system. That was when I decided to cut out all sugar and follow a Candida cleanse. Within another week I was seeing a big difference to my digestive system where I wasn’t bloated anymore and my thrush was starting to go away. I carried on eating the soup daily and following an Anti-Candida Diet, which I designed myself and within 12 weeks my Candida overgrowth had pretty much gone.

Since starting on my journey with bone broth, I know that it was one of the main factors of improving my health, because it also helped my husband. He too started to include broth into his diet and within 12 weeks he had also lost a stone. Now running a broth business and selling directly to my customers, I experience first hand many of their health stories where the accredit bone broth, but with little scientific research to back up it’s abilities there is no health claims that we can actually make anywhere in the world.

So, did bone broth help my Candida overgrowth? Yes, absolutely. How it did, and how it has helped others I have no idea, but I do have some theories, which are unproven at this stage. However, my main theory is that Candida overgrowth happens when there is an imbalance in the gut microbiota; the eco-system that lives within your digestive system, for me this was caused by taking too many antibiotics. As a result, Candida albicans started to grow out of control and my gut became damaged causing inflammation. My issue became when I continued to eat the wrong foods, the foods that gave Candida energy such as sugar; enabling them to grow more and cause an array of symptoms.

Having the bone broth daily definitely improved my digestive system. One of the other major symptoms for me was IBS, and it was only after ingesting the broth for a short while that the symptoms of IBS started to slowly disappear.


  • Sasha P. Posted 10/04/2020 02:30

    Thank You for your post. I have IBS and I am hoping this helps. I will look to your blog in search of a bone broth recipe.

    • Rachel Down Posted 12/04/2020 08:04

      Hi Sasha
      I am afraid I don’t have a broth recipe on my site, only soup recipes. If you are in the UK, then you can buy our bone broth from our shop. 🙂

      Best wishes


  • Connis Posted 12/08/2020 22:34

    I was diagnosed in 1990 with candidiasis at a clinic in Omaha it was very hard but I got things under control and then because of a lot of stress and stress I think causes to eat bad joke I returned to my drug of choice sugar mainly but also the other things that make candida grow like dairy products cheese been having an occasional beer wasn’t good at it along with everything else. I have been about six weeks on the cleanse and it is terribly hard . Going through it before I know you’re back at the end how much better I will feel so I have not cheated but it has been very difficult I could sure use a support system do you have one or emails I could read with people going through this dilemma? It makes a person feel very lonely and all alone because nobody wants to admit that they also have a sugar problem./Addiction

  • Rick Posted 05/01/2021 01:42

    I got candidias and thrush symptoms over 3 years ago. I did research and learned everything that helps kill it. I believe the number 1 product that helps destroy it is Organic Ginger Root Juice. 3 years ago I blended my own juice but it wasn’t so great. This year a friend showed me a organic ginger root juice online. And it’s a very good product. The one thing that I notice is when u start your cleansing diet with all kinds of things, it goes straight to the gut, I believe the fungus candidis gets killed pretty fast in stomach, but it spreads to other areas to survive. I recently started getting it, not as bad as 3 years ago, and this time I’m better prepared. It’s a tuff cleanse to do. I gargle and drink organic ginger root to kill within the throat area. I didn’t get the very bad thrush, but it’s very pain in your throat. Organic ginger root juice is very very potent, it’s just as strong and stronger than hard liquor, but with the health benefits. The fungus tries to survive and go in other areas of body. I also take lots off Organic lemon juice, and fungus buster in a small bottle from grocery store. I just put drops on my tongue and swallow. It’s a balance, and once you’ve completed the cleansing, it’s still in your body, we all have a bad bacteria and good bacteria. The bad feeds on sugars and many other things. I try and mostly use all organic products and no regular dairy.

  • Lizette Posted 16/01/2021 23:04

    Hello I am currently suffering from a repeated yeast/urinary infection. I had been suffering from a UTI on and off for almost a year. I too lost faith in the medical system and refused to take another round of antibiotics, they were just not helping. I have using other unconventional treatments ìncluding going on a candida diet for about two months. I stopped as soon as I felt great and went back to my old habits. Now I am at square one. What candida diet did you follow? There seems to be a lot of information and often it is contradictory.

  • Stacey Posted 24/08/2021 20:08

    Thank you for this! Just checking to see if I could drink Bone Broth while on the Candida diet. This article was so helpful.

  • Anon Posted 18/09/2022 04:59

    My 11 daughter has systemic candida overgrowth and just realized it’s been elevated for 18-24 months unknown. A pediatric arthritis DR said she has idiopathic arthritis and the candida probably has nothing to do with it but I think it has everything to do with it. She had COVID about 6 months ago and now her jaw is growing asymmetrically. We just found this out and I’ve been researching and I’ve found out a ton about systemic candida. If your IgM levels are high, you have it too and it’s not as simple as drinking bone broth, although that’s great, keep checking your levels. We will be seeing an infectious disease Dr soon but so far, everyone seems to ignore candida and it’s a huge problem.

    For anyone with candida overgrowth, especially systemic, you probably have a leaky gut and need to treat that ASAP. And one of the best treatments is the GAPS diet which is basically bone broth only for about 2 weeks followed by slowing introducing other foods.

    To treat the candida, outside of starving it, take caprylic acid & tons of probiotics, three lac is a great one specifically designed to kill candida. There are some RX medications as well such as fluconazole. Don’t mess around, google it some more, candida can be fatal and most US doctors completely ignore it.

    • Rachel Down Posted 19/09/2022 08:18

      I’m really sorry to hear that your daughter has been so poorly. Thank you for commenting, and yes you are right diet and gut health is the key. Many blessings for your daughter’s health

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