Would you like to try our bone broth?

Would you like to try bone broth and kefir water?

We understand that we are a unique company and that you might want to try our products before you commit to a larger order. That’s why we allow you to purchase one of our products instead of a multipack.

You can purchase one broth or one kefir juice and we will deliver directly to your door using Royal Mail. Sample orders placed Monday – Friday will be delivered next day.

Please click on the product you would like to purchase above and select from Royal Mail postage option.

Fantastic service. Great advice and support. The products were excellent and well packaged. I recommend this to my friends with stomach issues, bloating, wind, cramps, DD and all the health benefits. Was emailed, messaged and the whole experience made me feel cared for! Excellent!

Testimonial 10

I discovered Boil and Broth after researching about gut health. The products not only do you good, but are also delicious! Rachel is very passionate and knowledgeable, making it a joy to order. Boil and Broth deliver next day and the customer service is really good. Highly recommended.

Testimonial 9

I started on the broth after I came back from Holland. I had vomiting and diarrhea for over a week, and wasn't feeling well at all. Rachel suggested eating the broth and within a few days, I was feeling so much better. I kept up with the broth and never had the problems again.

Testimonial 8
Minimum order amount is £40.00