Broth protein powder is 100% pure broth protein.

To extract pure protein from the bone broth, after we have made the bone broth, we dry the broth into a high concentrate protein.

A well-cooked bone broth has an average 4% protein (of which 2-3% is typically collagen), the rest of bone broth is water. It is water that spoils the broth when not stored properly.

For years, we have frozen our bone broth to preserve it, but now we have found a better way for preservation, which is drying our broth – essentially evaporating all of the 96% of the water off.

This however means that from one 500ml bone broth pouch, we only get 25g of broth protein out of it. However, all you need to do is rehydrate the broth back. You can either put 500ml of boiling hot water into 25g of broth powder to rehydrate back to one pouch, or you can take out a serving of one scoop (5g) to 100ml of boiling hot water.

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